Bookstores overseas are interested in books by Indian authors

With the manager @ Hatchards, London

In the past few years, many book stores have closed down in India. ‘E books are the future,’ chorus the bookstores. Not sure if the digital edition is to be blamed for the loss of business for bookshops but the trend doesn’t seem to echo in Europe. Last month, I visited England and went to a few book stores in cities that I visited – London, Bath, Lincoln, York, and Glasgow. Every city, however small had book shops. I was pleasantly surprised to see two book stores in Bath, a historical but small city. Hatchards, the oldest bookstore in London has 7000 title in stock at any given time. Sadly, there were books from only two Indian authors Arundhati Roy and Amitav Ghosh. I requested for The Other End of the Corridor, my book almost sure that they won’t bother to source it. After about two weeks, my publisher got an email from them placing an order for my book. Book stores overseas are interested in books from Indian authors.

@ Bath, UK