Country of hypocrites – worship goddesses but rape women

Perhaps Jyoti Singh ( the real name of Nirbhaya) had to pay with her life to get justice. It definitely wouldn’t have been death sentence for her perpetrators if she would have survived the brutal act no matter if the barbaric rape would have physically crippled her for life or something worse. The convicts in Bilkis Bano case were let off with lighter punishment, seven of them even acquitted. Aruna Shanbaug lived in the vegetative state for forty two years while the ward boy was let free after seven years of imprisonment because technically she was alive and it was not a rape, only a sexual assault. There are hundreds and thousands of as or more gruesome rape cases, acid attack victims, sexual assault, attempted rape cases where women, girls, children and even babies wait for justice the entire life. Not to mention the equal number of unreported cases.

Of late, many rape cases are being brought to light. Either now more number of cases are being reported or the number of rapes have gone up. Sad but true, ours is a country of hypocrites, worship goddesses but rape women.

If there is any case which deserves death penalty, it is this one. The victim got justice even if delayed due to media and public pressure. Even if it is just this case amongst thousands which got justice and not too late in comparison to others where the cases linger for years. There are a few positive things which have come out of it – reduction in the age for juveniles from 18 to 16, setting up of 400 fast track courts for rape victims. Laws which make rape a non-bailable crime.

Those against death penalty argue that death sentence can’t be a deterrent. To make this a deterrent, the hanging of the perpetrators should be telecast live for the entire nation to watch.

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